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Handcrafted Custom Wood Accent Walls

Our wood walls are created by a mix of salvaged and re-purposed wood, much of it reclaimed from used pallets. We hand select each piece. Once selected, the board is thoroughly cleaned and we remove any protruding nails or large splinters. Then we mill the board to ensure a nice even edge for installation and we apply a hand rubbed colored finish. Once dried, we seal it to prevent fading and ensure ease of cleaning. The boards are individually installed in a mosaic pattern making every wall we do totally unique.

Our wood walls carry a lifetime warranty as long as you live in your home. The walls are for the most part permanent and not recommended to be removed. However, we can provide a less invasive installation for apartments and rentals.

We also make and install faux shiplap paneling and pallet wood backsplashes.

Our accent wall prices range from $10-20 per square foot.

We can even install a pallet wood accent to your ceiling, ask us about it when you call.

Let us help you make your room the envy of your neighborhood. Call us at 757-422-9663 to schedule a free consultation.

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